[E3 2010] PlayStation Plus Announced! Plus Reason to Why there is a Trial?

PlayStation Plus Promo Logo Family

Jack Tretton announced what has been rumored for a few months now, their Premium Subscription Service. As of now, PlayStation Plus is more of a Content offering than a Service as Xbox Live. Why? XBL has various features and third party services as PlayStation Plus as of right now purely content. It was noted that the subscription features would be changing over the next couple of months, so we can go from being technical for the type of offering to being a straight forward and stop all the confusion for those who haven’t picked it up yet.

Features for PlayStation Plus are as Follows:

  • Full game Trial
  • Automatic Downloads (Patches for Recently Played Games)
  • PS Store Discounts
  • Exclusive Offers
  • Free Games & Downloads
  • Select Early Demos
  • PRIORITY Beta Invites
  • Plus Much More

As I mentioned before and you can see from the last bullet point, the premium subscription features will be updating over time. PlayStation Plus will be available later this month for everyone to go out and try. For the month of July, paid subscribers will be able to get Wipeout HD, a demo for inFamous (1 Hour), FieldRunners, Age of Zombies, Rallycross, themes, and avatars for the month.

The biggest catch for this new offering is that once your subscription ends, everything you have downloaded will be gone. It was not noted what will happen if you will be able to redownload the content you had while you were subscribed or how it works if you don’t reup your subscription a month to a year from the end point.

Pricing for PlayStation Plus will be $49.99 for 12 Months of Service and $17.99 for 3 Months of Service. Is it too high? Not enough incentives? Well if you compare it to other services like Xbox Live, you actually get more for what you are paying for and you will get to play Online regardless if you are an subscriber. Those of you who are waiting for a deal on the 12 and 3 Month subscription fees, we will have to wait and see if Amazon and other online retailers will put these on sale like the discounted prices for a year of Xbox Live. Or maybe you will ONLY be able to signup for Plus through the PlayStation Store as it mentions on the Official page that “**PlayStation®plus is only available to PlayStation®Network users 18 years of age or older.”  You be the judge.

PlayStation Plus 12 Month One Year Pricing Deal PlayStation Store

PlayStation Plus 3 Month Pricing

Now, Jack did not mention that if you signed up through the PlayStation Store you would be getting a little extra, as noted above in the image.

But Jack did say everyone on the PlayStation Network will be receiving a FREE Three Month Trial of PlayStation Plus, Great! After all this sunk into my brain, I randomly thought why offer a trial for THREE months? Usually these type of deals are only for a month and then you would have to decide if you would want to pay for it. What I am thinking is that this is their way of making it up for REMOVING the OtherOS feature from ALL Old PS3 consoles that were not Slim. Who knows, if it turns out true, you heard it here first.